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lunedì 16 marzo 2015


It’s teatime! From April until May 2015, essence is inviting you to the first garden party of the year with the new trend edition “brit-tea”. Inspired by the classic British tea time, hip products with a retro look are served in the soft colors cream, apricot, mint and lilac – and a touch of bright pink for a spring-like contrast. Decorated with cute blossom prints and floral elements, the design is reminiscent of the décor at a stylish tea party. The lip balm is a special highlight with its gorgeous flower packaging. Other wanna-haves are: the blush embossed with a sea of flowers on the surface and the eyeshadow palette with three soft pastel nuances that complete your brit-tea style. The garden season has opened… with essence! 

disponibile in: 
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Australia, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, Chile, Paraguay, Algeria, Bahrain and in Jordan

essence brit-tea – eyeshadow palette

prezzo 3,79€

essence brit-tea – eyeshadow brush

prezzo 2,49€

essence brit-tea – duo highlighter pencil

prezzo 2,49€

essence brit-tea – lip balm

prezzo 2,89€

essence brit-tea – lipgloss
prezzo 2,29€

essence brit-tea – illuminating base

prezzo 3,19€

essence brit-tea – blush

prezzo 4,19€

essence brit-tea – nail polish

prezzo 2,29€

essence brit-tea – nail file

prezzo 1,69€

essence brit-tea – earring set

prezzo 2,49€

e a voi, cosa interessa??!! molto carino il blush (mi ricorda quello di h&m), la palettina occhi e la base illuminante !!! 

3 commenti:

  1. Che bella collezione! Molto carina :)

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  3. ciao se ti va passi da me