giovedì 29 dicembre 2016


Limited Edition “Pulse of Purism” by CATRICE 

Subtle Elegance. Pure sophistication as a statement. The Limited Edition “Pulse of Purism” by CATRICE unites subtlety with unobtrusive luxury in February and March 2017. The palette of colours combines greyish shades with cool blue and elegant mauve with a fresh hibiscus tone. The highlight of the edition is the Pure Radiance Glowrizer, which gives the complexion an elegant glow. Painted in the spring colours of 2017, the nails are given an edgy finish with the “Brushed Metal“ Top Coat or the golden Nail Stripes. Plain Clarity – by CATRICE.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Pure Metal Palette

Metallic Atmosphere. The palettes each contain three baked, powdery eyeshadows with a metallic effect. Champagne, silvery blue and copper on the one hand; white, taupe and bronze on the other. Available in C01 MEtal, Myself and I and C02 By All Means MetalEYES.

 Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Brow Pomade Stick

Fixing Tool. The practical Brow Pomade Stick can be used to contour, fill or set the brows in place. Available in C01 Elegant PurisME.

  Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – 2-Tone Lipstick

Rose Mallow. The two-tone lipstick with a shimmering centre offers soft colour-distribution with a glossy finish. Available in C01 Pure Hibiscocoon

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Pure Radiance Glowrizer

Glowing Perfection. Provides a subtle, radiant glow and evens out irregularities of the skin: the primer with light-reflecting gel-pearls. The dispenser gently crushes the pearls during the pumping process and turns them into an innovative, smooth texture. Available in C01 Natural Glow

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Powder Blush

Best Of Coral. The blush with a silky powder texture emphasises the cheekbones in bright coral pink. For an especially fresh-looking complexion. Available in C01 Pure Hibiscocoon.

 Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Nail Lacquer

Springtime. The nail lacquers in three trend colours stand out for their longlasting, intensive coverage and perfect shine. Available in C01 Pure Blues, C02 PuREDfied Simplicity and C03 Pure Hibiscocoon.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Top Coat

Melted Metal. The Top Coat dries matt and has hard bristles to create a unique “Brushed Metal Look”. The polish with a longlasting texture can either be applied on top of colour nail polish or solo on the natural nail. Available in C01 Minimalist Melted Metal.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Nail Stripes

Delicately Designed. Nail Stripes, the trend accessory, bring an elegant and intricate design onto the nails. The golden foil is self-adhesive and can be applied on clear or colour nail polishes as well as directly on the natural nail. Available in C01 Simple Understatement

“Pulse of Purism” by CATRICE will be available in stores in February and March 2017

Available in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belarus, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines, Panama, Jordan, Malta, Qatar, Tunesia.


essence trend edition “we are...” 

To infinity! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the new essence trend edition “we are...” is here to celebrate all unique friendships from January to February 2017. Various red shades combined with cool grey ensure a perfect BFF look. Absolute highlights include the gorgeous heart-shaped matt lipsticks and the cute cosmetics bag disguised as lips. Together forever – with essence! 


essence we are... amazing – creamy eyeshadow pen

Absolutely amazing! The pen with a creamy texture creates beautiful eyeshadow styles in grey and light pink. Can also be used as highlighter. Available in 01 be my highlight! and 02 be my glam-light!

essence we are... perfect – dip eyeliner ultra black & waterproof

Just perfect. No matter whether you’re going for an expressive or subtle look, ultra black, accurate and waterproof eyeliner styles are easy to achieve with this dip eyeliner. Available in 01 stay with me!

essence we are... crazy – false lashes & 3D rhinestones set

Crazy girls! Fake lashes ensure a breathtaking look and the tiny 3D rhinestones set individual accents around the eyes. Available in 01 I'm crazy like you.

essence we are... flawless – contouring lipliner

Forever flawless. Contour the lips and colour them in with these awesome lipliners. Available in pink, red and plum-berry, they’re a perfect match for the velvet matt lipsticks – the ultimate dream team. Available in 01 P.S. we ♥ pink, 02 P.S. we ♥ red and 03 P.S. we ♥ berry

essence we are... fabulous – velvet matt lipstick

Fabulous – that’s what the silky-matt lipsticks in pink, red and plumberry are! A special highlight: the heart-shaped lipstick bullet. Available in 01 P.S. we ♥ pink, 02 P.S. we ♥ red and 03 P.S. we ♥ berry.

essence we are... awesome – multicolour blush

Awesome! The multicolour blush in pink-coral with a heart embossment gives the complexion a fresh touch of colour. Available in 01 you & me = awesome.

essence we are... in love – nail polish
Totally in love – with the long-lasting “high shine” nail polishes and their high coverage. Grey, pink and plum-berry ensure beautiful Valentine’s Day nails. Available in 01 I have grey-t times with you, 02 pink party only with you and 03 I ♥ you berry much.

essence we are... funny – lip bag

Funny! You can’t help but fall in love with the bright pink cosmetics bag in a stylish lip design! There’s no better way to store important beauty pieces. Available in 01 I`m not ME without YOU!

essence we are... lovely – eau de toilette

So lovely! An exciting and fresh fragrance that is sure to make every second with your best friend unforgettable. The top note has a fruity scent with cranberry, wild strawberry and nashi pear. The middle note gives the edt a flowery exotic touch with lily of the valley, hibiscus and forget-me-nots as well as coconut. The basis adds a sweet and spicy note with sandalwood, ground almonds, candied sugar and musk. Available in 01 you`re the ooohh to my lala, 10 ml.

essence “we are...” will be available in stores from January to February 2017

Available in: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA

ESSENCE E SAN VALENTINO.. recensione the metals eyeshadow e bb beauty balm lipgloss !!

A tutte le innamorate…

Se anche tu sei tra le fortunate ad essere state colpite dalla freccia di Cupido, preparati a vivere un San Valentino da favola con essence!

La serata con il tuo lui sarà unica: scegli l’abito, pensa bene alle scarpe, rendi i tuoi capelli favolosi…e poi corona il tutto con un make up da sogno!

essence ha pensato a tutto…

Il tuo sguardo sarà ampliato grazie al THE FALSE LASHES MASCARA extra volume & curl ... 

è il mio MASCARA preferito !! grazie al suo SCOVOLINO CURVO è perfetto per dare volume e incurvare le ciglia !! 
inoltre è davvero NERO e non lascia residui di prodotto su viso... 

e definito con il SUPER PRECISE EYELINER ...

Aggiungici anche una nota colorata con l' ombretto THE METAL EYESHADOW 

risultato: occhi effetto-wow!! 

ADORO questo ombretto METAL!! 
da ASCIUTTO non riesce molto a tirare fuori i tanti riflessi, sembra piu' piatto e polveroso ... 
da BAGNATO riesce a mostrare tutti i riflessi METALIZZATI e le sue sfaccettature .. tanto da sembrare "CREAM TO POWDER" !! 

E la tua bocca si tinge del colore dell’amore con il MATT MATT MATT ROSSETTO LABBRA

per un colore intenso garantito per tutta la serata, o con il BB BEAUTY BALM LIPGLOSS, effetto shine che renderà le tue labbra morbide e delicate! Insomma, labbra pronte ad essere baciate…!

dei BB BEAUTY BALM lipgloss posso mostrarvi il numero 03 FLIRTYLICIOUS che è stupendo!! 

un lipgloss ROSSO-FUCHIA effetto SPECCHIO davvero bellissimo !! 
contiene all' interno BURRO DI KARITè e VITAMINA E .. a me piace tantissimo e spesso lo indosso con sotto una matita labbra opaca per farlo aderire meglio e farlo durare piu' a lungo !!!  

Dai il tocco finale con il SATIN TOUCH BLUSH, per un look naturale e perlato,  e il gioco è fatto!

Ricorda: le possibilità con essence sono infinite, per ogni tua esigenza di bellezza!

Per una serata da favola con il tuo innamorato, preparati ad essere una vera principessa, bellissima e super trendy…

Buon San Valentino da sogno, con essence!